Who we are?

TheySay.me is an international startup located in Madrid, Spain. Our work is to capture, process and analyze all the internet opinions. Our business model it´s based on providing knowledge to the companies to help them improve their online reputation, marketing and their processes quality. To summarize, we help business increasing their profitability thanks to the information their consumers provide them on the internet.

The team

We are a young team with wide experience in internet projects. We gather the illusion and passion of working in a new internet project, with large experience in communication groups and the baggage collected from the mistakes committed in other startups we have worked before.

Our mision

The local businesses usage of internet as a marketing and management tool this trough the knowledge and visibility that their own customers give them.

Our vision

To teach the companies how to use Big Data technologies in a useful and efficient way, generating knowledge through technology and Know How owners.

Where are we

TheySay.me was born with an international vocation, now we are operating in Spain, United Kingdom, France and Italy. Soon we’ll be working in more countries. We are located in Paseo de la Castellana, 70 – 1º.

From Madrid to the Sky… from the office of TheySay.me to the whole world!

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If you want to visit us, these are our coordinates.

They Say Tracking, SL
Paseo de la Castellana, 70
28046 Madrid
Tlf: +34 911 091 404