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Convert your customers opinions into value information for your business.

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More than 2.700 customers use TheySay to discover how they can increase their income and improve their profitability through their clients opinions.

A good review improves the brand perception, increases the desire of consume and modifies how the users perceive the price.

On the other hand, a bad review can change the mind of a future customer this can cause an irreversible damage.

Knowing how to manage what’s said in the internet about your business has a direct impact in the sales and on the profitability.

TheySay is a platform that analyzes millions of reviews from more than 50 directories and social networks that rank establishments and products of multiple sectors.


Find out where your business is, who is talking about it and how many reviews it has. Using our tools you could get more reviews from you clients, it will be easier for them to find you and therefore you will get more Check Inn’s.

Reputation and
brand view

Don’t let your brand to manage by itself.
Control what people say about it and act in consequence.

Business and
Market Knowledge

The information your customers give you has a humongous value to improve your products and services. Discover the market trends.

How does TheySay works?

  • 1. We catch and process all the ratings, reviews and images from your business that are on the internet.
  • 2. We send you alerts each time someone publishes something new from your business.
  • 3. We make a complete semantic and feel analysis. We categorize every opinion for a better comprehension.
  • 4. We provide you a full inform that includes the principal conclusions that you need to manage your online reputation so you can take advantage of all the information and knowledge that your customers have proportionate.

TheySay operates in multiple Industries, whatever your business is, we have a solution for you.


More than 800 restaurants in 5 different countries use TheySay to manage their online reputation and increase the number of reservations.

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A simple low cost solution for the follow up of your hotels online reputation. If you are looking for a useful practical tool, TheySay is the answer.

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We analyze the reputation and popularity of the main touristic sites of interest of any city in the world and their relation with other key variables.

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Solution for the health professionals that want to have control of what their patients say in the internet about their services and establishments.

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Books, wines, Smartphones…

Internet reviews represent a source of great value about the trends and preferences of the consumers. Ask us how we can help you.

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